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How about a little downtime? Or simply a really good time? Here, you will be able to find all of that, plus: our delicious WILD WOMEN menus. Have a look!


ZIT NIO (TAKE YOUR TIME) starting at 4 nights

Bizau and the Bregenz Forest have so much to offer, so staying for 1, 2 or 3 nights only might not be enough. That’s why I came up with the idea of creating this 4-night-package for a very special price, so that you get the chance to fully enjoy the SCHWANEN hotel, Bizau and the rest of the Bregenz Forest.

07.01. – 17.02.19 / 16.03. – 22.04.19
30.05. – 27.07.19* / 06.10. – 03.11.19
* Excluded Schubertiade 22.06. bis 30.06. & 24.08. bis 01.09.19



OFFLINE starting at 5 nights

To me, a real break from life doesn’t only mean taking a break from the place, the people and the job you know. It also means taking a break from social networks, missing the latest news and simply not being available. The Bregenz Forest is the perfect place for all that. Five days will give you plenty of time to recharge your batteries.

17.02. – 16.03.19 / 27.07. – 06.10.19*
* Excluded Schubertiade 22.06. bis 30.06. & 24.08. bis 01.09.19



WILD WOMEN GETAWAY Amaul foat vo dahoam und in Schwanô

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much time you have, but how you spend the time available. So why not take a short time-out? I personally think it can be more relaxing to take several short breaks than to wait for this one big holiday of the year. If you think so too, this will be the exact right offer for you.

Come to Bizau, take a walk through the moors and enjoy our WILD WOMEN menu, including a nice wine pairing, if you feel like it.

  • WILD WOMEN multi-course menu
  • overnight stay including breakfast

From Thursday to Monday


HEROES IN GREEN Herbalist retreat with Elisabeth Breidenbrücker

Thyme, St John’s wort, alpine lady’s mantle, nasturtium, stinging nettle, ground ivy, bishop’s goutweed – these are just a few of the „heroes in green“ that Elisabeth Breidenbrücker, our local herbalist, has brought back to our knowledge. There will be hikes and tutorials and a lot of „going back to the roots.“.

Armed with knife and basket you will venture out to look for those „heroes in green“. Back at the SCHWANEN Elisabeth will tell you everything about their healing properties and purposes. You will cut and pestle and grate, making ointments and tinctures and incenses to use at home. Moreover, the WILD WOMEN will prepare light and heart-warming dishes for lunch and dinner.

16.06. – 19.06.19

5 pm Incense ritual with Elisabeth
6.30 pm Dinner by the WILD WOMEN

Herbal hike with Elisabeth
Light Lunch by the WILD WOMEN
2 pm Use of herbs in the kitchen (short cooking class with the WILD WOMEN)
6.30 pm Dinner by the WILD WOMEN

Herbology with Elisabeth
Light Lunch by the WILD WOMEN
Herbal hike with Elisabeth
Dinner by the WILD WOMEN


Please bring: weather-proof clothing and shoes; cutting board, small knife and basket/fabric bag; jam or honey jars with screwtop; approx. 500ml of alcohol such as vodka or Korn.



WILD WOMEN MENU 5 course surprise menu

This multi-course menu was given its name when one of our guests told my mother: “Wow, you really are some wild women, preparing four different multi-course menus for your guests!” The idea was born when my parents came to visit me in New York and the concept has been a huge success ever since. We now offer our WILD WOMEN menu with 5 courses, on request also with wine pairings (done by me!)

5-course menu 75,00 + Wine pairings 39,00

Available daily, except Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday during lunchtime. 
Prior order required. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.) if you let us know in advance.


biohotel schwanen


Once a year, Michael and Franziska share their skills and knowledge in a two-day cooking class. The #wildwomencookingclass combines tradition with modern elements. We will cook after my Grandmother’s recipes, bake spelt bread and learn about the principles of cooking according to Hildegard of Bingen. And there is always be something new and exciting to try and learn in our wild women’s kitchen! #wildeweiberküche

14.04. – 17.04.19


Fasting week
according to Hildegard of Bingen

Headache, joint pain, food cravings: Unstructured fasting methods can result in frustration and disappointment and make it impossible to stick to your goals. Our Hildegard bread fasting week with the WILD WOMEN is different and it definitely works. It will help you free your body, mind & soul from unwanted burden.

You will start the day with delicious homemade spelt bread, walks through the Bizau moors and meditation. For lunch we serve green salad, fennel tea and revitalized Grander water. In the afternoon you can choose from various relaxing activities like sauna, massages, liver compresses and cupping therapy or just take some time to relax. We also offer professional advice and support during this whole week: Following the motto of “Less is more – simple is better”, our Hildegard coach Marianne Eberle will guide you through your fasting week and demonstrate that fasting doesn’t mean starving, but “becoming mindful”.

06.04. – 13.04.19

  • 7 nights
  • Full board including curative fasting menus
  • Introductory lecture & Fasting coach Marianne Eberle
  • Bread baking according to Hildegard of Bingen
  • Morning exercise with Pius
  • 5 liver compresses by Heidi Meusburger
  • Massages by Heidi Meusburger bookable on request
  • Cupping therapy sessions with Dr. Tanja Kathrein bookable on request