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The real reason why I love being a host is that my mom is such an amazing chef. She leads the WILD WOMEN in our organic kitchen.


Here’s what makes our rooms really special: They help you unwind, they soothe you, they provide this fantastic smell of wood – and feel just so good.



The dining room is the very heart of the SCHWANEN. It’s where guests eat, talk, have breakfast. For us, it’s where we work, invite and entertain our guests.


HEROES IN GREEN Herbalist retreat with Elisabeth Breidenbrücker

Thyme, St John’s wort, alpine lady’s mantle, nasturtium, stinging nettle, ground ivy, bishop’s goutweed – these are just a few of the „heroes in green“ that Elisabeth Breidenbrücker, our local herbalist, has brought back to our knowledge.


Zit Nio (Take your time) starting at 4 nights

Bizau and the Bregenz Forest have so much to offer, so staying for 1, 2 or 3 nights only might not be enough. That’s why I came up with the idea of creating this 4-night-package for a very special price, so that you get the chance to fully enjoy the SCHWANEN hotel, Bizau and the rest of the Bregenz Forest.


OFFLINE starting at 5 nights

To me, a real break from life doesn’t only mean taking a break from the place, the people and the job you know. It also means taking a break from social networks, missing the latest news and simply not being available.


WILD WOMEN MENU 5 course surprise menu

This multi-course menu was given its name when one of our guests told my mother: “Wow, you really are some wild women, preparing four different multi-course menus for your guests!”



Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much time you have, but how you spend the time available. So why not take a short time-out? I personally think it can be more relaxing to take several short breaks than to wait for this one big holiday of the year.


Fasting week according to Hildegard of Bingen

Headache, joint pain, food cravings: Unstructured fasting methods can result in frustration and disappointment and make it impossible to stick to your goals. Our Hildegard bread fasting week with the WILD WOMEN is different and it definitely works. It will help you free your body, mind & soul from unwanted burden.


Our place is not only good for WILD WOMEN cooking, it is also the perfect surrounding for a good night’s sleep. Starting out as a traditional inn – with a few rooms to let in later years – the SCHWANEN was then turned into a certified organic hotel. All adaptations have been made in the wood and style that the Bregenz forest is renowned for. more


This vault is a unique gift for every sommelier. Just like the Wälderstube (traditional, rustic living and dining room) right above it, it dates back to the early days of the SCHWANEN in the 16th century.



It’s all about the attitude! We can show you the rest. Simply give us a call, stop by or email us your application.


Irgendwie mag ich das Gärtnern

2 Jahre hab ich nicht locker gelassen mit meinem Wunsch nach einem eigenen Gemüsegarten, speziell ausgelegt auf die #wildeweiberküche im SCHWANEN.

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Schwanen Bizau

At Schwanen Biohotel and Restaurant in Bregenz Forest, it’s all about providing enjoyment for discerning guests. The Schwanen cuisine, awarded fourteen points by the Gault Milau restaurant guide, is extremely creative and highly nutritious. At Hotel Schwanen, enjoyment is expressed in terms of regional organic cuisine: one of Austria’s most charming regions, Bregenz Forest provides everything needed for the renowned restaurant at the popular biohotel to prepare outstanding midday meals. The mouth-watering lunch menu uses only fresh local ingredients. In this family-run hotel, the sommelier’s mother prepares the finest contemporary cuisine to spoil guests coming from all distances.

Naturally, the all-organic seasonal produce is also ideal for vegetarians. Half-board guests at the popular hotel can enjoy a four-course meal based on recipes passed down from Hildegard von Bingen. Gourmet guests can choose from a range of traditional Austrian delicacies. Special deals, such as the “Wild Woman” getaway, offer guests an informative tour of the hotel kitchen, followed by a surprise menu of five or seven delicious, nutritious courses.

Of course, the restaurant’s organic cuisine also caters for specific allergies. The biohotel also offers delightful detox and fasting options. The gentlest form of fasting involves detox by means of a tasty spelt and vegetable weight-loss diet.

It’s really easy to enjoy a balanced lifestyle based on the principles of Hildegard von Bingen at the biohotel. There is always just the right amount of air and light in Bregenz Forest, and plenty of food and drink. The modern Hotel Schwanen also provides a perfect balance of work and leisure. Waking or sleeping, guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay in the atmospheric rooms. They can make productive use of the internet access whilst enjoying the view of the Bregenz Forest mountains.

From light lunches to healthy main meals, both occasional and regular guests can look forward to a relaxed welcome at the Schwanen Biohotel Restaurant.